Travel Updates

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Dear Partners in Travel,

In these unprecedented times, as together we fight the COVID-19 virus, the comfort and safety of our passengers, staff suppliers and crews is our number one concern. The circumstances are fluid and change daily. Like everyone, we are monitoring the situation both in the US and elsewhere and are following all common sense advisories issued not only by the CDC, the US State Department but our oversees partners, suppliers and governments world-wide. As things change, we will continually update our current travel policies which you can find below.

In the meanwhile we would like to share with you how the current travel suspensions work. As a travel wholesaler specializing in river cruises, we are cruise brokers that act only as agents for the cruise lines and airlines we have contracted with and thus are subject to their ever changing policies. In some cases, depending on destination, both our airline, land and cruise suppliers, are still keeping some of their departures “open”, even though common sense may dictate that they should postpone their dates sooner than later. The simple reason is that technically, if you/we cancel any “open” dates, we fall under strict cancellation penalties. If we wait for them to postpone or cancel certain departures, then it is their obligation to minimize our cancellation fees or waive them completely.

Therefore we ASK all of our passengers to support us by NOT cancelling prematurely. We know this is difficult yet we assure you that regardless of our contracts with ships and ground suppliers, we will NOT send you into any possible danger, even if WE HAVE TO CANCEL and bear the full brunt of their cancellation penalties. WE ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST YOUR TRAVEL PARTNERS and your safety, comfort and well-being is and always will be our #1 priority.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


COVID-19 Policy Updates

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 11 January 2021

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 30 October 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 21 September 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 31 July 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 15 July 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 5 June 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 15 May 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 30 April 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 3 April 2020

VWT COVID 19 – Updated policy 12 March 2020