Ukraine Testimonials

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Great Trip! Friendly staff! Excellent food! Very positive experience”

C. Kath
Received: 09/19/2010

7/12 A different group, but a few old friends Whose love for traveling never ends. Waiting in K.C., when down comes the rain. A short delay, then off to Ukraine Via New York where the day was bright. After clouds and rain, a pleasant dry flight.

7/13 Our guide is waiting, Olesia is her name. If things don’t jell, we know who to blame. To exchange money, it’s just a short way.
Seemed like miles, but that’s O.K. Just money exchange, we don’t want shoes. Stay with Olesia and get what you choose. On to the grocery, walking more miles. All are satisfied – bring on smiles.

7/14 The rain comes down and our tour is a walk But it couldn’t be better – a history talk. Attractive government buildings – Independence Square
Time now to treat their citizens fair. A modern city – difficulties from past Goals now, they hope will forever last. From venacular to metro – transportation plus. In addition to this, there’s tram and bus. Did we use the world’s largest escalator? Or could I just be a fabricator?
Attractive stores, businesses and shops all around Complete city facilities and all underground. To the Sky Bar for a little fun,
But remember, this trip has just begun.

7/15 If you want to see churches – this is your day Listen to guides – they have much to say. All are similar, but each is unique
Purpose – to serve the bold and the meek. Beautiful domes, covered with gold Dating bac – some centuries old. First to St. Michael’s – a pleasant surprise. We hear harmonizing from young men 5. Three more churches and back to the bus Places of interest being pointed out to us.
To the monastery compound, past the bell tower While visiting there, it might strike the hour. Down to the catacombs, come traveled fast
Then had to wait on those who were last I might add if it hadn’t been for two, This third one might not have made it too.

7/16 A day that’s free to make selections So travelers scatter in different directions. A perfect day with sky of blue. Last of Kiev – so try something new. Later we meet for crew presentations. We give Olesia a thunderous ovation. A beautifule, modern city, we leave it
Not aware of how far Kiev did extend.

7/17 See engineering fete, we’re at the lock Will stop at memorial when we dock. Some take cabs and others walk Sherchenko’s more appreciated as guides talk. In this beautiful spot, one who was down Is now remembered with praise and reknown. Our leader again is in the spotlight
In native dress, so colorful and bright. Here comes May 2, chosen from the crowd. She looks Ukrainian and makes us proud.

7/18 In each city, long walks we repeat Though tiring and hot, we wouldn’t delete. An evening of fun is about to begin What great sports have entered in. Shawls, toilet paper suits and fancy necties All receive prizes, but one’s just above She’s treated with champagne and lots of love.7/19
We leave early to meet a local guide. Not a walking tour – this time we ride. Making stops to observe and learn Do it now – doubtful we’ll return On to the Cossack show and what a treat Crude accommodations, but very neat. Riders on horses doing tricks fantastic, Rope cutting and our volunteers – we’re ecstatic. A tasty dish and vodka to drink Back on the bus – in our seats we sink A delightful evening program – music of all kinds Instrumental, vocal, dancing – all going through our mind

7/20 What a great day! A change in the weather Off to small boat – you may need a sweater. A ladies sextet in Ukrainian dress Sinf for us and we’re all impressed. Awaiting us is attractive food Visiting the gardens – we’re in a good mood. On return trip, different entertainment in store
Don’t forget Neptune’s Fest and you’ll see more”

Esther Foreman
Received: 07/12/2009

Your tour directors Aly and Natasha were fantastic, very knowledgeable. The Sevastopol guide was excellent. Good value for money!”

Received: 05/23/2008

Our tourleader was personable and pleasant.”

Tatiana Cullen
Received: 08/03/2007

The goods for sale as “souvenirs” on board the ship were very good and inexpensive!”

Received: 09/05/2007