Fiji Testimonials

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Hi Brittany,

The Blue Lagoon Cruise was fabulous, we had lots of fun and would recommend this cruise to any of our clients. Thank you for the opportunity to sail with such a fine group.

Wanda F.

First of all, this was one of the BEST trips I have taken because of Blue Lagoon’s and Rosie Holidays wonderful personnel associated with the excursion (before, during, and after the cruise)

The 7 day cruise portion of the trip is a must!   Fewer days would not have provided all of the wonderful activities and locations associated with the cruise.  The captain of the ship and ALL of his team, gave service that was “above and beyond” the call of duty. I felt safe and appreciated and had so much fun and great food, every step of the way.

Again, this itinerary was packed with amazing and unusual activities that truly depicted the Fijian culture in the best light. Many of the events were “once in a lifetime” experiences that should not be missed.  Swimming with sharks, going into the 2 chambers of the Blue Lagoon caverns, snorkeling over some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs, and participating in actual “island ceremonies and rituals” while honoring Fijian traditions, all contributed to memories that truly go into one’s soul.  But for me, one of the highlights was visiting two schools and interacting with the children as they proudly escorted or explained to us their daily routine while practicing their “English” skills.

Please do continue to recommend this Blue Lagoon Cruise to all Value World customers.  They will not be disappointed!  In fact, they will be grateful for having the opportunity to “experience” an “authentic” Fijian adventure!

Thank you (Vinaca),