Egypt Testimonials

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Absolutely fabulous trip – no snags – loved it there were no tourists anywhere- they were told tourism down by 90% – first class hotel rooms with wonderful views….only 18 people on the Nile river boat – felt comfortable security wise….great people – great food – empty hotels….Petra hotel had only 25 guests….no lines …only a few people in the sig…everything was first rate…Sun festival was “quite a rush” – they were inside the temple and got the whole experience…..lots of Korean’s for that festival….Japanese camp out overnight to get in there- they were the only non-Asians in the temple. They ate everything – except water and fruit – did not get sick…thank you very much they had a marvelous trip…..”

Received: 01/2013

We really enjoyed the trip, we feel we saw all to see. Our local guides were great. Our Egyptologists in Cairo (Asmaa) and on the Nile (Ahmad) were excellent.”

K. Meyer
Received: 05/10/2009

Hello Jim

I just got in the office this morning. Egypt was the best. I mean the best.

All went well. The people were very nice.
But I want to say thank you personally for this chance in a life time.
This will be something I will sell, and hope to go again next year.Thank you Thank you Thank you Camel Hugs, Tina”

Christina Spencer
Travel Agent
Received: 09/26/2009

Everyone had a beautiful view of the Nile River and the city. The hotel was first class in every respect. The rooms were immaculate and well-appointed….Our guide, Mohamed Ibrahim, was exceptional. A graduate of Cairo University with a degree in archaeology and Egyptian History, he knew the answer to every question and presented a well-planned and comprehensive tour. He also had a great personality and sense of humor….Our domestic flights were excellent, on time and new equipment…….The itinerary couldn’t have been better and was very well paced…. Several participants called it “the trip of a lifetime.””

James D. Stoner
Received: 11/06/2008