Danube Testimonials

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Hello Dusan,

Hope everything is well with you and everyone on board the River Discovery II. Judy and I enjoyed cruising the Danube and visiting the countries in that part of the world. We also liked listening to your history lessons about that region.

Mickey & Judy K.
Received : 09/29/2019

Hi Dusan,

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the recent trip on the Danube. Thanks for your expertness in guiding us around Eastern Europe. Enjoy your time off and maybe see you next year.

Bev C.
Received : 09/29/2019


Thank you and Andy again for making our first river cruise a very memorable one.
Traveling with knowledgeable guides, cruise directors and staff that not only know the geography and history of ports of call, but are also personable with a sense of humor is an added bonus.

Bill & Adele B.
Received : 09/29/2019


Just wanted to tell you that Diane and I had a great time on our Danube River cruise. You were a great host and I know you would become one of my best friends if you lived in Maryland. Your positive attitude and attention to us was commendable.
Best to you and your family.

Mike and Diane D.
Received : 09/29/2019

Hi Brittany,

Just returned from our fabulous Danube cruise. We had the best time and our cabin was excellent. The rest of the clan was very happy too. Thanks for all your planning and help. Now please make suggestions for next year’s river cruise with you. We so much liked our guides too. They all were familiar with YOU. We had Dusan as entire trip guide.
The extension to Transylvania was Liviu—what a doll. Thanks for a wonderful trip and great memories.

Jack & Eileen M.
Received : 07/31/2019

Greetings Dusan,

Thank you for this follow-up, for all your behind-the-scenes efforts that made our trip run smoothly and kept me and the rest of your charges satisfied. I appreciated the wealth of historical knowledge and political perspective you shared with us and your show-must-go-on determination to resume your duties right after your profound personal loss. It was a pleasure and a privilege to make your acquaintance.

Amalia W.
Received : 07/11/2019

Dear Dusan,

Your kindness, concern, and guidance made the entire trip so very special.
My best wishes to you and those wonderful tour participants I was privileged to be among. I enjoyed everything about the trip, especially your delightful company.

Judy L.
Received : 07/11/2019

Dear Dusan,

It was a stunning and memorable trip and a very compatible group. I bought a book from a shop in Belgrade, written by Momo Kapor “A Guide to the Serbian Mentality”. A delightfully well written commentary on the superstitions, beliefs and habits of a fiercely independent and brave people! By the way, you did a great job keeping everyone together and on track. Believe me, I know what that took! Here’s to a job well done, and under the most stressful of circumstances!! I know everyone joins me in expressions of gratitude and thanks.

Heather H.
Received : 07/11/2019


Thanks for all your support throughout our trip – especially accommodating Patel group for vegetarian food. Very Nice photos.

KC & Ila P.
Received : 07/11/2019

Dear ship and tour mates,

Thanks to Dusan, all of you, the excellent crew, the fine quality of our tour guides and last but not least – the intrigue of the countries we visited – George and I had a wonderful experience. This was our first river cruise, and we wanted to visit a part of our big world essentially unknown to us. I am grateful for the exposure, albeit brief, to your part of the world and former E bloc countries. Very eye-opening

Linda B.
Received : 07/11/2019

Hi all,

I just want to tell you that our River Boat Cruise was awesome.We were well taken care of and have make memories for a lifetime. Duson was wonderful in helping me and I greeted him for you and Bob. (What a wonderful person he is) Thank you for all your help in booking this adventure for us.

Donna S. & Jeff K.
Received : 06/10/2019


Thank you for all your assistance on our Danube Cruise plus “Dracula” Extension. As this was my first visit to the Eastern countries, it was a spectacular trip as well as extremely educational. I had not realized how beautiful and hospitable those countries are.
Please accept a small token of my appreciation for all you have done. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. ”

John T.
BCD Travel
Received: 2017

We have been on many river cruises from Avalon, Viking and Uniworld so l feel very confident in saying that this was one of our best cruise experience. We booked it because the itinerary went to places that other cruise ships did not go We had great a great tour guide Andy and the local tour guides and drivers were wonderful. The food was much better that we expected and the choices were great. We never left the restaurant dissatisfied.

Our cabin was spacious and we had plenty of closet space to hang our clothes.The optional tours that we took were very good and were a very good value. The only problem l had was going upstairs in my night clothes to get our morning coffee.

l would recommend this cruise to anyone without hesitation.


Received: October 10, 2016

Kleine Prinz Danube River Boat “Rocks”
First off all this is a Great value for the money spent. The ship is very comfortable, friendly crew, and the food is fairly good with buffet style breakfast and lunch, and dinner is a choice between 2 entrees. What surprised my wife and I the most was the excellent quality of the shore excursions, which were so wonderfully organized and conducted with very intelligent tour guides.The tour cruise Director for our group of 40 Americans was Dusan Kuljic, extremely competent, friendly and worked very hard to accomodate everybody’s needs. He also presented two lectures on Eastern Europe History and the Euro Economy with so much knowledge and preparation that blew us away.Overall we recommend this trip to anybody looking for Adventure-Knowledge and Sightseeing of Eastern Europe, and for us we keep in our memory, without any doubt, our best cruise ever!!!


Monica and Jose L.
Novato, California, USA
Received: October 18, 2012

My mother and I recently traveled overseas on a river cruise up on the Danube. We can honestly say it was one of the best trips we’ve ever had the opportunity to take. The entire trip had wonderful accommodations and Kleine Prinz staff was superb. The program, tours and educational segment left us with lasting memories. If the opportunity arises again we would not pass up the chance to travel again with YOU:).

Thank you,”

Amy S. and Joyce P.
Received: October 17, 2012

REGARDING: Danube cruise and Der Kleine Prinz for 2012 season.I really want to let everyone know what a pleasure my cruise down the Danube on Der Kleine Prinz in July of this year was. Although the weather was insufferably hot, the staff and the tour was wonderful. After a little fall, my knee was treated and checked on for three days. The chef and the waitstaff were excellent; I did not have a bad meal. The evenings were a delight as we sat in the bar and were entertained. Laughter was everywhere!I would take this tour again in a heartbeat. The knowledge that was given to us by local guides as well as Dusan was phenomenal; my dad who was once a history teacher, would have loved it as I did.
I recommend this to anyone with a love of people, a curiosity about the area, and a will to see and do all from the base of a lovely boat.”

Ruth S.
Received: JULY 01 2012

HI Dusan,

Thank you so much for all you did to make a great trip for my family and I. We really enjoyed ourselves. Back in New York we went to the 9-11 memorial before driving home. I’m attaching a photo of that also.Keep in touch.

Doris N.
Received : 10/08/2011

Petit Prince was comfortable and clean with a very gracious Captain, hospitable staff and hard-working, efficient kitchen crew. Overall, the food was very good considering the small kitchen staff and their facilities. Lots of meat and potato fares, but the most memorable were the paprika-seasoned dishes that we rarely experience where we are. We especially loved the salad bar at lunch.The Serbian entertainers were very jazzy, energetic, talented and enthusiastic about making our evenings lively; however, many were just too tired to stay up past 9 p.m. We did some dancing some evenings, nevertheless, since the music was great.”

Mr. and Mrs. F.
Received : 10/08/2011

Hi Corinna:

We just got back home safe and on time after the wonderful Danube cruise. I want to thank you on behalf of myself, my wife and Dr. and Mrs. Jayarajan for all the arrangements you made for us. Even though the boat was a little old, the staff made up for it. We have taken six cruises so far, and the staff of the Der Kleine Prinz was the best. They worked as a team and always friendly and helpful. The food was good and the tours were enjoyable. We want to especially thank Mr. Dusan, the tour director, Ms. Alina, the hostess and Mr. and Mrs. Mimi, the singers at the bar.Hope to do more cruises with you in the future.


Raja P.
Las Vegas
Received : 09/18/2011

Hi Corinna,

Just wanted to let you know that our cruise was fabulous. We loved the Boat, the crew, the ports………..everything about it !!!!!So thank you for all that you did to make this such a wonderful Experience.

Warm regards,”

Judy A.
Received : 08/28/2011

Dear Editor,

May we share with you and ITN readers, the splendid Seven Country Danube Cruise aboard a small ship, Der Kleine Prinz.Aboard this cruise ship, being hosted, assisted, and looked after by our Cruise Director, Dusan Kulljic, we were treated throughout, and guided to, numerous onshore walks, rides, performances, indeed, a diverse composition of scenes and places, and sights and sounds in our onshore visits.At times, escorting the group himself, Dusan was able to create for us, because of his own diverse ancestry and educational background, both an historic and contemporary panorama of our surroundings.At other times, he placed us in the care of carefully selected local guides, fully familiar with the area of our visit and able to “set us” within its historic background. Their knowledge was always responsive to our questions.In addition, Dusan was most helpful in especially assisting us whose Jewish ancestors migrated to the U.S., a number of them from their pre-war homes, to locate and visit the sites of synagogues, both those that once were, as well as those still in existence, some gloriously restored.He happily accommodated others in getting tickets to performances not on our scheduled program, for example, making reservations at Vienna’s Marionetten Theatre for an evening performance of “The Magic Flute.”And given his personal familiarity with the history of the area we were exploring for the first time, he presented us with essential information of the area’s history, from the days of the monarchy to the present.

As to our ship, its very comfortable cabins were always kept tidy and fully equipped. Every meal aboard ship was deliciously prepared and most appetizingly served. (this especially for me, as well, a vegetarian). The on board lounge was comfortable and inviting. And the inviting sun deck was equipped with all needs.

May I further note that the ship’s onboard staff with whom we came in contact were most helpful: the ladies who made sure our cabins were promptly serviced and supplied and the chefs and waitstaff who were always ready to please our palates.

We were especially appreciative of those who staffed the reception desk, always attentive to our needs, ready to answer our questions, and offering welcome suggestions.

As to those evenings when we chose to remain onboard, the evening’s musical pleasures, hosted by a most talented young vocalist, and accompanied by an equally spirited keyboardist, regaled us with many songs and melodies, thematically different each evening. And if we wanted to get up and dance, we were so invited.

Lest one think that all of this pleasure was simply happenstance, I hasten to add that when we first gave consideration to a river cruise, having previously been on a St.Petersburg/Moscow river cruise, we searched through a current issue of ITN. In the past ITN had well proved to be an important source of–and guide to–essential information for the many overland holidays we had put together in past years.

We contacted several ITN cruise advertisers, but it wasn’t until I spoke with Corinna Vargas at Value World Tours (see the back cover of your ITN) )that I knew I had found the right person at the right agency!

A ready and knowledgeable source of information, Corinna most timely responded to our every emailed inquiry. Most equally pleasant to speak with by phone, Corinna seemed to enthusiastically welcome–and knowingly answer–the many questions I must have “peppered” her with, both before and after I had decided that she and VWT were truly interested in making our Danube Cruise a most memorable experience.

And when we wanted to add to our cruise an additional day on our own in Vienna, Corinna was happy to assist, taking care of both hotel and flight reservations. Further, when we indicated we’d like to then spend an additional two days in London, where we had to change flights, Corinna once again was most happy to get us new flight reservations.

In sum, with the outstanding help and assistance we received before, during, and after the Danube cruise, our summer holiday will remain a memorable experience. We often think of its pleasure with friends, when we open and show our picture album of about 150 photos, all carefully annotated by Mel and relive, thanks to the folks of Prinz, the ongoing assistance of Dusan, and the continuous exchanges with Corinna, the Danube voyage of summer, 2011.


Mel & Jean M.
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Received : 07/08/2011

I am a travel agent in Ohio and was traveling on the MS der kleine Prinz in October 2010. Our Seven Country Danube Cruise was wonderful, and we also added to our package the Pre-3 night tour to Transylvania – what a great surprise this was, and the town of Brasov was an unexpected delight to everyone.

It is a must to see Transylvania!I cannot say enough how wonderful our Cruise Director, Dusa, was – he was full of history, facts and information. Everyone anxioulsy awaited his daily seminars. His enthusiasm made the cruise all the better for everyone onboard. I have traveled with a lot of Cruise Directors, and Dusan you are the BEST!The staff overall was very accommodating, and the food was delicious with a great presentation.I will recommend Value World Tours to my clients.Thanks for the memories, and say hello to Dusan for me. I am sure he will not forget our group of travel agents, or what I had to say to get the door opened at the Citadel in Brasov!”

Patti P.
Received : 10/18/2010

All on board the ship were most helpful especially the two young people who operated the bar and of course Dusan. (cruise director) Dusan was most accommodating, cheerful and just plain nice to be around. Dusan went out his way to be helpful, polite & caring in every way. I have already highly recommended your company to friends.”

Prescott B.
Received : 08/16/2008

“Every tour guide was absolutely superb.”

W P.
Received : 09/20/2008

Just got back from our extended trip on the “Six Country Cruise”, and 10 extra days in Romania.

About the cruise:Excursions We did not take too many of the excursions, because we had already seen most that were offered. We did go on the excursion to the private home for brandy, music, and food. We all thought it was fantastic. Everyone should go on this excursion. The other standard excursions were good. The other people we talked to about the optional excursions said they had a great time.Entertainment The cruise provided an assortment of entertainment, all of which was very good. I would like to highlight a couple of the individuals, who we all thought should be rated higher than very good. The Violin player, Mitica (sp?), and the female singer (who was the shorter of the two) were both outstanding. We sometimes stayed up very late listening to them. When there were no more passengers in the lounge, we thought it time to go to our room.

By the way, the sweaters that more being modeled were really nice and well worth the price. But, in Southern California the need for thick woolen sweaters is limited.Tour Guide/Director We thought Dusan did a very good job. Dusan had several informal discussions on the regions history, and one formal session. Wish we could have had several more.Cabins Thought these were exceptional for a river boat. Very spacious, and comfortable.Staff Everyone we encountered was very helpful, courteous, professional, and all around great people. I also think your bartender (Alexandria ?) was a good entertainer. She had great come backs to questions or comments. Wish her and her new husband great success.”

John M.
Received : 09/17/2008

The staff of the Kleine Prinz were outstanding!”

Robert B.
Received : 06/06/2008

“Crew, maids, waiters, guide, entertainment onboard excellent! Vojin is suberb!”

James H.
Received : 09/16/2007

Good experience, gorgeous eather, exceptional guide, good dining room staff.Vojin is an exceptional tour director, knowledgebale, attentive, personable, always on the job.”

Timmons and Miller Families
Received : 09/16/2007